Offer your services as a distributor, sales agent or intermediary.

Find companies with interest to sell in your area. Offer them your services of distributor, sales agent or intermediary to sell your products or services to your customers.

Use the wizard to fill in your business and specific profile.

  • The geographical area where you can act as a seller
  • Specify if you offer yourself as an intermediary, sales agent or distributor
  • If your regular customers are individuals or companies
  • If they are companies, indicate to which companies you could sell to
  • Products and services that you could sell

Create your anonymous profile and become an INSIDER

The anonymous profile is one of the keys of the professional network. Your personal information or the name of the company that you represent is not visible; you will show it to whom you decide and when you decide

The rest of INSIDERS can only view the following information:

  • Your username
  • The review that other INSIDERS have given you for your collaboration
  • The area of the company that you represent.
  • The products, services and activity of the company that you represent
  • Your country and city

Locate INSIDERS who are looking for sellers

Use the INSIDERS search engine to locate the INSIDERS who are interested in finding a seller in your area of activity, and contact them!

Check the suggestions

Pay attention to the LINKINSIDERS suggestions that will show you the INSIDERS interested in selling in your area of action

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